Bihar on top for rural electrification.

Bihar is no 1 in the rural electrification program in the year 2015-16 in the country. The achievement came to light after state energy department and rural electrification of villages till march 31.
The rural electrification work is being done as part of the centre sponsored Seen Dayal gram jyoti yojna under which the union government is spending Rs. 75600 crore across the country.
The rural electrification is the corporation is nodal agency for the scheme under the overall guidance of the union ministry of power.

The ministry of power set a target of electrification of 1632 villages for 2015-16 in Bihar but altogether 1688 were electrified putting the state number one position.
Around 98% of the villages have been electrified in the state and at the current pace of target rural electrification could be achieved sooner than 2017 the deadline fixed by state government.

Sushma Swaraj visit to Iran

Visit of Sushma swaraj the external affair minister of india to Iran is a step to make the relation warm with the countries of west Asia. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also visited Saudi Arabia and it was hoped to strengthen the relation.

India has given option of trade of crude oil from both the countries. These days due to call of oil prices the economy of these countries are also affected. India has given assurance to iron to solve all the hurdles of trade between both the countries. Iran and USA had no good relation and there is economic sanction of USA on IRAN due to its nuclear policy. Iran wants to become nuclear power.

The countries of west Asia is also affected by terrorism. India wants peace in west Asia. All the countries of west Asia should unite themselves against terrorism and follow the policy of peace and economic cooperation of India. Terrorists are not doing the work of Islam. Their action is against the humanity and prosperity.

Anti BJP alliance

Newly elected president of JD(U) Nitish Kumar in a function in Patna has announced formation of anti-BJP alliance in the nation like once it was Non congress alliance of Ram manohar lohiya. Indian national congress ruled the country for a long period. The leaders who had ideological differences with Nehru wanted to form an alternative of INC. Ram manohar lohiya and jaiprakash Narayan worked towards this direction.The major success of such alliance was after anti emergency sentiment in 1977. But the infighting and list of power led to the fall of janta government.

Popular and charismatic leaders like V.P. Singh, N.T. Rama Rao and Devi lal formed an alternative front in 1989. It was the charisma of V.P Singh who united both left and Right but the dispute over Mandal commission between V.P Singh and Devilal. Devilal began to interfere the government and its day to day life and V.P. Singh verses Chandashekhar on the question of leadership. Chandrashekher never accepted the leadership of V.P.Singh. The main reason of downfall of National Front government under the leadership of V.P.Singh was dispute of leadership between both of them.

Coalition government was successfully acted by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Although he faced many troubles and obstacles from his 13 alliance friends in which Nitish Kumar was also in the cabinet.
There is nothing impossible in politics but so far the leadership is concerned the path of Nitish Kumar is not easy. His national role depends on his achievement in Bihar. Therefore it is better for him to complete his home work effectively.

Water crisis has become burning problem

Water crisis has become burning problem of our time. Ten states of India are facing drought. People of later even have no drinking water, it is being sent through Indian railway. Indian meteorological department has predicted fair monsoon and good rainfall. This is good news but we do not take lesson from the report of IMD or make preparation for it. Last year IMD also reported less rainfall but our farmers did not change their crop routine and ultimately got heavy loss.

There is need to prepare long term policy for it. Conservation of rain water, forestation and purification of ocean water to make them for drinking water can solve this problem.
Purification of ocean water is a challenge for the scientists and they should accept and develop cheap methods. Mass level awareness is required for plantation. Young men and Manrega workers should be employed in this work. Efforts of water conservation can be taken traditional and modern both. It should be encourage at village level.

Tripti Desai of Bhumata Brigade

Tripti Desai of Bhumata Brigade who was beaten by Public. She was demanding to enter into Mahalakshmi temple at kolhapur. Here the case is different from signapur. Women were not allowed to workship in signatures Tritium temple of Shani. This was the case of gender discrimination. The case of kolhapur is of dress code.

Women are allowed in this temple only in sari. Tripti wants removal of dress code but it should be a matter of legal or equality. Religious places have their own tradition regarding dress. What is difficulty in accepting sari? Dhoti and sari are Indian dress and people wear it on religious functions at home. People who do not wear dhoti or sari in their working life they wear it without hesitation. Men and women are equal. Hindu society had always changed itself as per the need of the time. There are many problems in Indian society. Raising unnecessary issues are not wise step.

Tigers are one of the most endangered and iconic species of the world

Tigers are one of the most endangered and iconic species of the world. It is a very good news that tigers population are increasing. The World said the increase in the number of Wild Tigers from 3200 in 2010 to the current estimate is 3890 could be attributed to the rise in tiger populations in India, Nepal, ,Russia, and Bhutan.

Government organisation and NGO are working for tiger protection but much more is needed to double the tiger population in 2022.
Indian environment ministry had documented tiger count of 2226 for is 30 percent increase over the count of 1706 four years earlier. The main challenges in tiger protection are habitats and poaching. All efforts should be made for its protection.

Bihar government is celebrating birthday of Asoka

Bihar government is celebrating birthday of Asoka, the great mouryan empire. Although there is controversy on the date of birthday of Asoka. Asoka is the greatest king of the world who built hospitals for not only human being but also for animals. He devoted his administration for the welfare of the people. His administration is ideal and truly based on praja sukhe sukham Ragyaha, prajnam chahite hitem.

Asoka appointed Dharma mahamatras to preach. The people was the noble idea of moral and spiritual development of the people. He founded Pillars in different parts of the country. In these pillars Asoka priyadarshi wrote guidelines for the people.

Asoka established akhanda bharstbarsha which capital became patliputra. This was the rise of Magadh and glory of Bihar.

Heavy turnout of voters in Assam and Bengal assembly election

The heavy turnout of voters in Assam and Bengal Assembly election is a good sign. Percentage of voting in Assam 82.21 and in Bengal polling was 79 On Monday. Good percentage of voting is the. reflection of awareness of people in the democratic process.

Efforts were also taken. by election commission in last General election to. aware the voters. Election is s festival in which all. Voters should participate and all citizens should enjoy.

Fire in Puttingal temple in Kerala

‎The incident at Puttingal temple in Kerala raises some questions. Why firework was displayed near the storehouse Of firework ? The question mark is also on the organizers who were ignorant of all these things.

Thanks to the government who has appointed probe under the retired. High court judge. Let the report comes India is facing the problem of terrorism. Whether there is hand of terrorists or not. Temple organizers should never ignore the security and safety of the people. There is need of security awareness everywhere in the country.

Central government has decided to purchase100 Predator Avenger drone from USA

Central government has decided to purchase 100 Predator Avenger drone from USA to safeguards the country. It will work as an eye in the sky. Watching from the sky to the enemies is a challenge for India. There are incidents of infiltrations from Pakistan and China boarders. This will watch the infiltration in the ocean.

Also therefore this device is very useful for Indian security point of view . It will take some time in this deal before this. Indian government has decided to purchase 10 Herons drone from Israel. Security is most important for Us. India is a target for terrorists and .We have to do all possible efforts. There is need of training of people against it.

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